ServicesDevelopment Management. Assembled core internal and external collaborative teams. Managing all phases of the development process. Managing all costs, entitlements, all facets of design and constructio

LocationKennesaw, GA

Size48,500 SF

StatusAnticipated January 2018


Project TeamDavinci Development Collaborative/Winstead group
John Goff - Development Project Executive
Bree Caldwell - Development Manager
Chuck Winstead - Construction Project Executive

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Outpatient Care Center at Town Center

Kennesaw, GA

In 2015, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, one of the nation’s top ranking pediatric research hospitals, engaged DaVinci Development Collaborative, in partnership with The Winstead Group, wanted a new state of the art Outpatient Care Center in the fast growing area of Town Center, in Cobb County Georgia.
This unique facility will provide critical care in sports medicine, rehab services, Orthotics and Prosthetics, plus general specialist medical office space.
Using their unique “Investment Checkpoint Approval Process,” the DaVinci-Winstead Group is partnering with Children’s Healthcare on six critical steps:
1) Project Identification (complete)
2) Preliminary Evaluation Phase Approval (complete)
3) Due Diligence Approval (complete)
4) Project Site Plan Approval (complete)
5) Design Development (complete)
6) Building Construction Phase (complete)

The project was completd in early 2018.