Gwinnett County, Georgia

Rowen is Georgia's hub for the intersection of business and innovation with an active focus on the environment, agriculture, and medicine. Located in eastern Gwinnett County, the Rowen Foundation aims to transform 2,000 acres of rural land into a "knowledge community" - a reimagination and reinvention of the traditional office and research environment that will change the economic and social trajectory of Georgia, as well as make a national and even global impact. With a combination of offices, research facilities, public spaces, residences, and preserved greenspace, Rowen will provide jobs, education, space for collaboration, community, and enjoyment of the site's natural beauty for citizens of Gwinnett. As the development manager of this project, DaVinci Development has worked with the Rowen Foundation to evaluate various development options and strategies to best accomplish Rowen's goals and objectives including, but not limited to, entitlements, project team procurement and coordination, cost management, schedule management, and design management.

Currently in the planning and partnerships phase, Rowen's initial Phase 1 infrastructure is expected to be complete by early 2023. However, the project has a 30-year projected full build-out to carefully cultivate a living community that is highly collaborative, inspiring, and accessible. The project team expects that the community will constantly evolve and adapt to changes in research, developments of the innovation community, and continued community engagement.

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Size2,000 acres

Project RoleDevelopment Manager

Project TeamKimley-Horn - Civil Engineers
Michael Baker International - Traffic Engineers
Reeves Young - General Contractor for Phase 1 Roads and Infrastructure

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

- Leonardo da Vinci

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