Written Testimonials

"It would be impossible to give a higher recommendation or have a better partner on a complicated real estate development project than John Goff. The College Football Hall of Fame project in Atlanta was extremely complicated, not only from a physical logistics, timing and budget standpoint, but also in that there were many stakeholders at the table: the client, multiple exhibit & media design firms, state government, city government, numerous corporate sponsors and college football business participants, each of which brought their own set of preferences and demands. John single-handedly orchestrated all of those moving parts with patience and diligence, striking the perfect balance of deference and insistence on maintaining discipline and progress. The spectacular new 94,000 square foot attraction that houses the College Football Hall of Fame, which was finished on-time and on-budget (actually 2 days early and slightly under budget) stands as a testament to John's unique talent."

"It has been my pleasure to work with John Goff since 2009 and it is my pleasure to recommend his services. John has served as Owner's Representative for Cox for the past eight years, and he has been an invaluable member of our team as we developed and grew the 1.2M SF of LEED certified projects at our campus in the Central Perimeter area.

During this time, I found John to be the consummate professional. I am very impressed with John's attention to every detail of the goal, schedule and budget. He has a genuine sensitivity to his clients' needs and is dedicated to achieving and exceeding their vision. He has a unique ability to assemble the right team for each project while also providing leadership and fostering teamwork and consensus building among a diverse group of executive, development and construction professionals. John is extremely principled and fosters strong relationships.

At Cox, we focus on adhering to the principles of environmental sustainability and stewardship to support our Cox Conserves initiatives. John has a keen understanding of this and is committed to green environmental building processes and has played a key role in helping Cox achieve these standards.

John is also very well connected and respected in the South and in Atlanta, his home for nearly two decades. I know him to be deeply committed to and involved with Habitat for Humanity and the Urban Land Institute and he serves both in leadership roles.

John would make an outstanding addition to the leadership team of any project."

"John worked as the owner's representative for six years on the project beginning in the conceptual stages, working through international competitions for the architect, designers, and construction team and bringing the construction of the facility to completion. John was crucial at every step in bringing a very complex and high-profile project to successful completion on timing, budgetary and design goals.

John brings a unique set of skills to his professional offerings. He has a keen business sense of the implications of various decisions. He frequently showed his ability to think several steps ahead in the process and anticipate forthcoming challenges and potential solutions. John also has the ability to work across types of people involved in complex projects - he is comfortable in public settings, board rooms, and jobs sites and everywhere in between.

John also was crucial in providing leadership to our entire team. John often met with the Center's Board of Directors to provide strategic thinking and options at important decision-making points. He was deeply involved in the various planning stages including considerations regarding long-term operational decisions. We all considered him part of "our team" throughout the process."

"It must be said that from myself and Matthew Sign that there is no one we respect more than John Goff and that comes from years of working closely with him on the College Football Hall of Fame. John is a true professional and never took your eye off the ball or project. As I have said often the top of the Hall should say "Goff". From all of us at the NFF please accept our heartfelt gratitude for a job well done and with class. The Hall is a testament to John Goff and the amazing team he assembled to execute it.

John made it fun and he did it right. We have valued our friendship with John immensely and hope that there are more chapters to come with DaVinci Development Collaborative and the NFF."

"Every project I have undertaken with John (and we have worked on several over the last 17 years!) is not just about the job, it is also about building a relationship and most importantly, making it fun. Unlike many in this profession, John supports the notion that the greatest success for a project is when everyone on the team can be elevated to do their best work."

"As a board member, John headed the Real Estate Committee for Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ("AHFH") during its search for a new headquarters facility to replace an aging, inefficient facility on which the lease was expiring. Under John's leadership, AHFH acquired a nearby existing building and renovated it to better fit our varied needs. John also assisted AHFH in developing a new retail facility on the site. John's efforts led to a project which was completed on time and on budget despite starting on incomplete documents and encountering the usual surprises prevalent on renovation projects. AHFH is very grateful for his leadership."

"The DaVinci Development Collaborative's, Managing Principal, John Goff is one of those unique professionals who will assure that the integrity of each project stands up to the highest standards of the field. Yet, all along the process, he will gracefully mange all the parties involved. He is a master of his craft!"

"John Goff was invaluable from the moment he joined the team. Certainly his technical qualifications are impressive; even more impressive however has been his ability to coordinate a rather disparate group of players and make things MOVE. He has had to be listener and leader, referee and psychologist, firm and patient. He has had to juggle not just one set of architectural artistic egos, but two different groups, balancing the needs of his clients (us-the ICVB) with the almost equally important needs of our hotel partner. He has had to work with elected and appointed officials, none of whom has his breadth of experience, but many of whom chose to challenge his data. He has had to educate and tolerate these officials, on the public stage at City Council meetings. Knowing how critical the budget's accuracy has been from the beginning, John Goff remained focused on ways to deliver the absolutely best product well within budget and on schedule. John would continue to find many more solutions that all players would adopt for any of their own future projects; he is simply that good."

"John Goff is one of the finest development partners that I have had an opportunity to interact with. The level of his knowledge, leadership and ability to get things done in a fair and equitable manner is to be admired. I have not met an equal to him. Even though he can be direct and firm when circumstances dictated, he also has the ability to balance the personal side of the partnership. Truly a rare gift. Equally, from the Bank's perspective, he has demonstrated a true eye to the owner and client in many areas, especially financial. One could surmise being a 50/50 partners (as John represented our partner Cousins) might cause one to respond this way, but I subscribe to you that John's development talents, financial savvy and skills working with people would carry across any type of project base."

"Throughout the months we worked together, Cox continued to benefit from John's professionalism, attention to detail, sensitivity to his client's needs and his impressive ability to assemble and provide inspirational leadership to a wide variety of development and construction professionals."

"Oh how I wish I was dealing with John Goff on a daily basis!! Words can't describe how much I miss your professionalism, team building and decision making skills."

"A member of the team that truly impressed me was John Goff. He was respectful of each role: owner, operator, architect, interior designer and contractor. I commend him for his customer-focused attitude and facing all of our challenges head-on.

I had the pleasure of working with John as the exhibits contractor on the College Football Hall of Fame. During my first meeting with John (he mentioned that the project would be well managed. He was true to his word. With John I saw and experienced a management style you can trust. John has a great ability to analyze and build teams in support of his client, with an eye to balancing quality and value. John approaches the process with clear direction and is willing to roll up his sleeves and get into the details if he sees risks or a need to support the greater team. John is also very respectful of his clients' budgets.

The design of the building, media infrastructure, and exhibits for the College Football Hall of Fame was very complex with many parties contributing to the success of the project. John's leadership in overseeing, managing, and holding accountable this complex team contributed greatly to the project's success. Pacific Studio enjoys working on projects that are based on a team approach and working together for the betterment of the project. We would welcome the opportunity to work again with John in this dynamic."

"As a member of the board of the Urban Land Institute's Atlanta chapter while John was its Chair, I was impressed at his unique ability to be deeply collaborative while also accomplishing and executing numerous initiatives. He understands the value that his team brings and has the leadership skills to move these plans forward."

"John possess the unique ability to see and understand the big picture goals of any project while grasping the details and process necessary to bring it to success. He has long and repeatedly demonstrated the capability of assembling the right teams to problem solve and execute on challenging and complex real estate developments. John's leadership style and personal integrity ensure a team approach where each member desires to give their best."